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FAQs of Tocopower Portable Power Station

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Q:Can I charge my power station while using?

A:Yes. charging while using is one of our products' functions, no matter you use AC fast charging or solar charge, you can use your power stations at the same time.


Q:Can I add batteries to my power station?

A:Yes. you can add extra batteries to gain more storage capacity, but make sure your battery's DC voltage matches our power station's DC voltage. such as, our S25 DC input voltage is 10-65V and the battery voltage should within this range.


Q:Where do you ship from?

A:We have a local warehouse located in California and after receiving your order, we will ship it out right away (workdays not including weekends) and it will take you 3-5 days to receive it.


Q:How much solar charge input do you have?

A:All power stations on the store have a solar input function. Different types have different limits.

S7 700W has max 200W solar input,S15 1500W and S25 2000W have max 800W solar charge input.P25 2000W has max 300W solar input. They all can be fully charged within 2.5 hours when using solar panels to recharge.


Q:What's the different between S25 and P25?

A:1. Their battery capacity is not the same, P25 is 1573Wh, S25 is 1997Wh<br>

  1. Their battery types are different. Although they are all lithium batteries, the S25 uses lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4)batteries, which is a more popular choice, but the P25 is more cost-effective.
  2. P25 is lighter and more suitable for outdoor use, while S25 is very suitable as a home backup energy source.


Q:What's your product warranty?

A:What's your product warranty?For 12.8V lithium batteries, it’s 5 years, any problems you come up with can contact us to find out a solution, For 14.6V 20A lithium battery charger, it’s 3 years. For power stations, it’s 1 year. All our products have undergone strict performance and aging tests. If you encounter product damage, we will take responsibility for it. Please feel free to buy.


Q:What’s in the package? Do I need to buy extra cables?

A:Our package include: one portable power station;one colourful box;one car charging cable;one AC charging cable;one user manual;one warranty card.

If you connect to the solar panel, you will need a solar charging cable(MC4 to Anderson point input) which most portable solar panels sold on the market will have it, you don’t need to buy separately.


If you have any other questions, you can check our online user manuals here, or contact us via support@tocopower.com.

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