Tocopower 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

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Types: Only Battery
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Deep Cycles


Years Lifespan


Deliver large amounts of current for high-power applications, running as 4000+cycles

quality guarantee

Don't settle for anything less than A+ grade prismatic cells

All of our cells are rigorously tested and have proven well against a variety of damage like puncture,short circuit, incendiary, impact liquid.

fast charging

The charging voltage should be 14.6V

Use 14.6V 20A lithium battery charger, the charging time will be 5 hours;

Use a 300watts solar panel to charge, the charging time will be one day with full sunshine;

Use generator to charge, you should add a DC to DC charger, the charging time will be 5 hours

eco friendly

Non toxic no harm, even children can touch

Do not contain toxic cadmium, which makes them easier to dispose of than other batteries.


Product specification

Battery type

12.8V 100Ah

12.8V 50Ah

Rated Power



Nominal Voltage



Operation Voltage Range



Limited Charge Voltage



Max Continuous Charge Current



Low Maintenance

Do not require scheduled cycling to maintain battery life.

Low Self-Discharge

The rate of self-discharge only around 1.5-2% per month.

Safe Installation

Any direction mounted, even upside down. No fire or explosion hazard

Quality Assurance

5-year warranty, backed up by technical support within 24hrs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I bought this battery to power my 70lb thrust Trolling motor with GPS.

I received this battery in a very nice package. Shipping was very fast, i think it was 3days until it was at my door. I hooked it up to my charger. It was about 60% charged. I finished the charge overnight and my charger calculated that in fact this was 100ah. The battery seems very well made with nice terminals and workmanship. Case is solid.

I installed it on my boat. (my only question so far is trying to find a tray that fits it. Its lighter than my 12v acid battery even at 24v. It comes with nice handles that allow you to lift it easily.

I trialed in in the driveway with the trolling motor and everything worked great. Tomorrow is the first test on the water to see how it does.

One note: You do not want to charge this battery below freezing! You could damage the battery. Discharging it (using the battery) down to -20c is OKAY. You just do not want to charge this below 32f or 0c.

David Janson
Absolutely love them

I love these batteries. Mostly because they are cheap lithium and they work as they should!
This reduced my weight by 90lbs which is a great saving for me as my tow weight is within 200 of my max allowable.
So having more power and reducing my hauling weight was a double win for me.

Zac Jones
I have got damn good battery

This lithium battery series is so bloody nice!!
It's been too long since I built something! Now I am planning to build a travel trailer. I am so looking forward to seeing all the stages of the build through to the end, when I received these batteries, I know it will be processed smoothly.
Looking forward to seeing the first trip away using the new battery, it looks amazing!

cheap enough, pretty good for me

At $299 each, this battery is the least expensive lithium battery per watt hour on the market presently, and I would consider purchasing it for a large 48V battery bank system. Even for a 12V or 24V system, this is a very inexpensive battery. Before buying my biggest concern was the reliability of the BMS and the cells that are being used, but now I get my answer, it's pretty good.

Good for solar system use

If you know you will never be below freezing or charge or discharge at maximum, the price competition of these lifepo4 batteries is really opening the door for folks getting into solar storage and use.