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TOCOPOWER was established in June 2023 and specializes in the sales of clean energy storage products. Our company is in Xiamen,China which is a beautiful seaside city. We strive to be based on the market with excellent product quality, and plan to start from the United States and gradually open online stores in Europe, Australia, Africa, and Southeast Asia to build our global sales network.

    We provide consumers with high-quality, fair-priced, safe, and reliable products through wholesale and retail models. Our products are produced in Shenzhen and Guangzhou which are China's rapidly developing international cities. And all products in the store are sent out with free shipping. At the same time, we also provide customers with a 30-day return and exchange policy and provide them with warranty services after purchase. Customer service staff are available in the store 8 hours a day to provide consulting support to customers.

Mon-Fri, 9:30AM-6:30PM (China Standard Time)
Email: support@tocopower.com
Call us: +86 13328763289(CN)
Business Address (Only for contact ) :Room 1202, No. 1, Hualian Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, China 361000

    Our products are deeply loved by customers. They leave product reviews and take unboxing and review videos,we are very grateful for this and welcome all friends who purchase or consider purchasing tocopower products to interact with us. We will also release product promotions from time to time to repay your enthusiasm.

Now, Let’s talk about why we choose clean energy storage products.

Our Story

I need a switch to control the power supply by myself.

The longing for a stable power supply comes from the shortage of electricity when I was a child. I remember that every Tuesday night was the day when the whole town was cut off. We would find candles in a hurry, and the family sat in a daze in the yard or went to bed early. At that time, I thought, I need a switch to control the power supply by myself.

Twenty years later, I founded the brand Tocopower and shared my switch with everyone who is also troubled by the power supply. We are proficient in research and brave in innovation, hope to achieve self-sufficiency in power one day, no longer subject to the unified power supply and natural disasters bondage.

Social Responsibility

Among all power generation options, photovoltaic is the least efficient; among all energy storage options, lithium batteries are more costly, but I still firmly exclude coal, oil, and other non-renewable energy power generation fields, and choose PV power which is clean and sustainable.

It is a gift of nature and a choice that is beneficial to the long-term development of mankind. I firmly believe in my path and am willing to undertake the social responsibility this choice brings, encouraging and supporting more people to use clean energy at a superior price.

Our Mission

It is our mission and task to lower the price and increase the quality in clean energy storage field. Right now the products on the market are complex and diverse, some of which are inflated in price, and some of which are of poor quality. However, we are committed to providing products with reasonable prices and guaranteed quality, so that customers can reduce trial and error costs and receive high-quality services in complex products.

Electricity Storage Freedom

Solar Charging While Using

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